How Treatment Can Help Expunge Your Record

Look Good in Court, Columbia Treatment Center

Look Good in Court

Achieve favorable results in court by participating in a treatment program that has been in the court systems in the DMV for 33 years. Help your attorney by helping yourself.

Completion of our programs can help you in the following ways:

  • Get unsupervised probation
  • Expunge your record
  • Obtain a PBJ (“probation before judgement”)
  • Stay out of jail
  • Have the judge rule in your favor

With treatment, a judge can rule in your favor because you have truly tried to make positive changes in your life. Our programs go over some other pointers, as well. Here are a few quick things that can help in court:

Addressing the Judge, CTC

  Remember to always make eye contact and be respectful if you are asked to address the judge.

  When you speak, always address the judge as “Your Honor”.

  If the judge asks you a question and you do not understand, politely ask for clarification before answering.

We have helped hundreds of attorneys help their clients to achieve favorable results. We can help you, too.

How to Dress for Your Hearing:

How to Dress for Court, CTCWhile it shouldn’t technically matter what someone wears to court, it’s human nature to judge people on how they look. Your appearance is part of your presence.

  • Dress conservatively.
  • Wear clean clothes and dress as if you are going to church.
  • Make sure your hair is nicely groomed.
  • Do not smoke before going into court, as it can be an offensive odor.

Important Maryland Court Links and References:

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Expungement | Information About Removing Criminal and Civil Offense or Infraction Records from Public Access in Maryland — View PDF

Expungement and Changing Your Criminal Record | The Maryland People’s Law Library — View Article (great Q&A)

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You’ll notice that we’re now called Columbia Treatment Center (CTC), but you may have known us for years as Columbia Addiction Center (CAC). We continue to provide the same great programs and therapy, with the addition of new teletherapy and online program options. On behalf of our entire team, we hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy!