What People Are Saying About Us

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Excellent Therapists

“I went to CTC because of its reputation and time in business… every therapist that I had the pleasure to work with was excellent… all very compassionate and had the technical background to best apply that passion to help everyone.” Operation Breakthrough Participant

Groups Help You

“CTC’s groups help you open up about your problem and recognize when one exists.”

Learned So Much

“I’ve learned so much and plan to pass it all on to others. Everyone had vast knowledge and opened my eyes so much.”

Great Insight

“No one at Columbia Treatment Center judges me. They provide great insight and valuable information.” -EC

Nice and Caring

“Everyone was nice and caring, showed interest and helped a lot. Great program.” -LZ

Highly Effective

“The program was highly effective in educating me on the misconceptions of substance use.” -BS

Better Prepared Now

“Before this weekend, I felt a little overwhelmed since I haven’t been to court yet and didn’t know what to expect. Now I feel like this is definitely something I can handle and I am better prepared to deal with this experience and move on. I would recommend this course to anyone that needs it.” Operation Breakthrough Participant

Real World Approach

“Presents information in a real world approach which is most useful.”

Exceeded My Expectations

“The group participation and open environment exceeded my expectations.”  -JY


“I appreciate the non-preachy, non-judgmental aspect. Also the critical thinking and societal awareness. Really great!”  -JS

Changed My Life

“Completing Operation Breakthrough earlier today, I am filled with great emotion… I am extremely grateful for what I have learned from this experience. I thank all of the counselors for their compassion and honesty that greatly heightened my awareness, ultimately changing my life!” -M

Impressed with the Customer Service

“I was so impressed with the customer service of the entire staff: front desk, management, counselors, etc. They were all so helpful when I would call with questions or needed help. Amazing. Getting started into the program, I felt a little uncomfortable sharing my feelings with strangers and with a counselor I didn’t know. After the 2nd or 3rd class, I felt so comfortable. So warm and welcoming. The front Desk always had smiles, were very helpful, and made my visits extremely positive. I enjoyed each and every visit and hopefully…I will not be back!)”  -ML

Safe Space

“The great speakers create a safe space for the group to discuss stress around substance issues/DUIs. I learned how to make better decisions in the future.”  -MM

Group Setting Helps

“The classes are done without judgment and the group setting helps you understand that you are not alone.”  -TM

Made Me Feel Like I Wasn’t Alone

“I felt speaking with others made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this situation.”  -SL


“I have been impressed by the program and the people who run it… the overall usefulness of this course and the information presented this weekend is incredible… truly helps us change how we think and feel and our attitude toward habits and the choices we make.” Operation Breakthrough Participant

Best Program I Have Ever Seen

“Best program I have ever seen, heard of, or taken. Highly recommend to anybody I know dealing with anything similar.”  -E

Positive Experience

“Has been a positive experience in an otherwise negative situation.”  -KD

More Fun Than I Expected

“I really enjoyed the staff and all the group members. It was more fun than I expected. Great speakers and friendly. Very inspiring and insightful.”  -MB

No Judging

“There is no judging. We can all speak honestly.”  -AR

Good Experience

“I felt like the counselors were actually invested in our rehabilitation. Everything was very professional and I had a good experience.”  -VC

Major Turning Point in My Life

“When I was first instructed by my DUI lawyer, I had no idea what to expect or what would be involved… I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and how well I was treated. It helped me see this as a major turning point in my life.”
Operation Breakthrough Participant

So Nice to Talk To

“You guys are always so nice to talk to. You’re all so nice and polite.”

I Will Refer Anyone

“I will refer anyone to Columbia Treatment Center! (and hopefully I will NOT be back!)”