CAC - Teens and FamilyWhen something bad has happened and we’re feeling stressed, worried, and regretful about the problems we’ve created, there is nothing more healing than being with people who’ve made the same (or worse) mistakes.

Since we’re all human, and by definition, imperfect, we can relate to each other’s blunders and empathize with, learn from, and teach one another. Age, race, economic status, religion, etc. no longer define us and our similarities rather than our differences bubble to the surface.

This is why group therapy is so powerful. This is why it works.

At Columbia Treatment Center we offer a choice of weekly groups (day, night, or weekend), designed to meet every individual’s needs and schedule.

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Groups are classified as either Education or Treatment and differ in these ways:
Alcohol and Drug Education Groups consist of:
  • Satisfy the legal requirements of many first-time alcohol or drug arrests
  • Contain Lectures and discussions around pre-determined alcohol and drug topics
  • Are held once monthly over the weekend
Treatment Groups consist of:
  • A flexible number of weeks based on your evaluation
  • Interactive discussions (often generated by group members) and self-reflective exercises
  • Satisfy the requirements of legal charges where education isn’t sufficient

Note: Insurance doesn’t typically cover education classes, but may cover treatment groups. We are out of network, but some policies will reimburse in part.