News Release: CTC Launches Free Virtual Support Groups & Expanding Team

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Columbia Treatment Center Launches Free Virtual Support Groups to Help Community Cope During COVID, Expands Managing Team with Robert “Bob” Barry, Jr. Former Columbia Addictions Center, A Leading Resource On Substance Use and Mental Health, Takes Strategic Steps Toward Expanding Scope and Distribution of Services COLUMBIA, Md. – The Columbia Treatment Center (CTC), a leading provider of clinical support for … Read More

How Treatment Can Help Expunge Your Record

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Look Good in Court Achieve favorable results in court by participating in a treatment program that has been in the court systems in the DMV for 33 years. Help your attorney by helping yourself. Completion of our programs can help you in the following ways: Get unsupervised probation Expunge your record Obtain a PBJ (“probation before judgement”) Stay out of … Read More