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Understanding the role that cannabis plays both recreationally and medically is very complex. The scientific community agrees there is a lot we do not know. Strength has increased dramatically. Perception of both benefits and risk tend to be exaggerated.

Leaders in the field of behavioral health have designed an education program to help participants make fact-based decisions about personal use of marijuana. Critical thinking skills can help decipher the barrage of information available and to use this information in opinion-forming and decision-making processes.  To sign up today, give us a call.

Now Offered on Zoom!   Specially-Designed Agenda:

  • Personal goals
  • Informed choices
  • Critical thinking
  • The brain and neurotransmitter system
  • Marijuana and the teenage brain
  • Cannabis and mental health
  • Marijuana vs Medical Cannabis
  • CBD vs. THC
  • Acute and prolonged effects
  • Marijuana and impaired driving
  • Safety and harm reduction
  • Personal and family dynamics
  • Choices and consequences

Operation Impact, Columbia Treatment Center

Dates and Times:

Offered at least one weekend per month.

Friday, 6pm-9pm
Saturday, 8am-3pm
Sunday, 8am-12pm

Call our office for upcoming dates.


Columbia Treatment Center
5570 Sterrett Place, Columbia, MD 21044


$400 (additional family members may attend for $50, subject to space)

To be a part of Operation Impact, please Call us at 410-730-1333

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