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The State of MarylandOdds are you or someone you love will have a problem with alcohol or drugs at some point in life and an assessment will be necessary.

What situations require substance abuse evaluations?

Legal Reasons
  • DUI, DWI
  • Drug possession (illegal or non-prescribed)
  • Underage drinking citation
  • Assault, trespassing, or other arrests where alcohol or drugs were involved
Non-legal Reasons
  • Personal concern over drinking or drug use
  • Family, doctor, school or employer concern over use

What happens in an substance abuse evaluation?

You or your loved one spends 45 to 60 minutes with a counselor who specializes in your area of concern. The counselor determines whether there’s a problem, the extent of the problem, and recommends an effective, individualized program.

The counselor will ask questions about many areas of your life in order to better understand the issues driving the problem. You choose how much you want to tell us but we’d like you to be as honest and open as you feel you can be.

Substance Abuse Evaluation results are shared only with people you’ve asked to have them shared with and only with your written permission. (For example, you would want your lawyer to have the evaluation in a legal case.)

A breathalyzer and/or drug screen may or may not be requested from you at the evaluation interview. (If there is a drug charge, a urinalysis will likely be required.)

* Columbia Addictions Center, LLC, DBA Columbia Treatment Center.