Also Called Addictions Counseling, Alcohol/Drug Counseling or 26-Week Program

We know that no one ever wants to be surfing the web for substance abuse programs. And while we can’t offer a “quick fix” any more than the next treatment center, we can customize a program that gives you what you need, as comfortably and cost effectively as possible.

In comparison to education programs, treatment groups are more intensive, in depth sessions for those who have a more substantial history of alcohol or drug use and/or multiple substance-related incidents, and need additional support.

Separate programs exist for adults and adolescents/young adults. Programs may include any or all of the following:

  • Men’s / women’s groups,
  • Young adult / adolescent groups,
  • Traditional co-ed therapy groups,
  • Individual,
  • Couples or family sessions.

Referral may be given to an on-site physician for detox.

The length of your program depends on your progress.

Note: When legal charges are involved, Court or MVA judges may require a certain number of sessions.