How Video Calls Have Improved Treatment

Video Conferencing, Columbia Treatment Center

Telemedicine has been on the rise here in the U.S., according to this article and study in the International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications*. Tele-health offers new opportunities and reduces barriers for those seeking confidential care for substance use and mental health concerns. Treatment programs and counseling services are undergoing a digital evolution with video communication playing a vital role. This year, more than ever, tools like Zoom and video conferencing have become incredibly important and essential ways for us to stay connected.

Tele-Therapy, Columbia Treatment CenterEasier process with great results.

“Telehealth”, “online counseling “, “virtual visits”, “video-calling” have produced surprising and very favorable results. Anecdotally, our clients at CTC tell us that they find it easier to be honest and engaged in the counseling sessions. The stress of driving through traffic after a hard day at the office, or home with the children is eliminated.

Our treatment team is offering flexible appointment times, including Saturday’s so clients can find a private space to talk.

“Virtual sessions offer the intimacy — and comedy — of seeing patients and therapists in their personal environments.”  – Lori Gottlieb, The New York Times**

In her article “Psychotherapy During the Coronavirus”, Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb explains: “Stories of anxiety and loss of every conceivable kind — loss of loved ones, loss of health, loss of jobs, loss of stability, loss of physical presence, loss of touch, loss of daily routines, loss of weddings and graduations and holiday gatherings, and loss of even the ability to smile at neighbors while walking around the block (with our mouths now covered by masks). In some ways, the losses can be boiled down to this: loss of everything that makes us feel human.”**

Connecting with us is easy.

Counselors and Resources, Columbia Treatment CenterTele-therapy isn’t new at Columbia Treatment Center, and our Maven Online services have been part of our services even before COVID-19 began. We offer lots of new ways to talk to our licensed counselors and therapists, and invite you to try the one you’re most comfortable with.


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*Source: “Use of Telemedicine in Addiction Treatment: Current Practices and Organizational Implementation Characteristics”, International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications. View article

**Source: “In Psychotherapy, the Toilet Has Become the New Couch” by Lori Gottlieb, The New York Times, April 2020. View article