Supporting Our Community During COVID-19

COVID-19 Support and Resources, Columbia Treatment Center

The past six months have been marked by unprecedented uncertainty. “Parenting” and “Education” and “Community” are just a few aspects of life that have taken on entirely new meanings. Through it all, we encourage you to join us in the pursuit of the health and wellness that can be attained during this time.

We have been privileged to support many in our community by means of telehealth, virtual yet meaningful communication with parents, adolescents and individuals. In efforts to increase and enhance our support, we are happy to share the following virtual programs, groups and resources to ensure your wellbeing.

Community Programs, Groups and Resources

Operation Wellness Program

Online Support Groups, Columbia Treatment Center (CTC)Ages 11 through 17 are vital to human development, from physical and hormonal changes to cognitive and emotional developments. Socialization is critical during this time for adolescents to understand societal norms, identify behavioral patterns, and establish healthy habits. COVID-19 interrupted the latter half of the most recent school year and the majority of schools have already announced that they will stay focused on virtual education due to the ongoing health crisis; the lack of advanced social situations, and an increase in sedentary lifestyles, create a worrying developmental deficit. Operation Wellness is a support program created to combat this deficit.

Learn More About Operation Wellness (no longer offered in 2021)

Operation Impact Program

Many parents have contacted us expressing concerns and lack of understanding surrounding their child or loved one’s use of substances; namely, marijuana. It comes as no surprise that when the community is struggling with depression and stress, rates of substance use rise rapidly. We have carefully designed a program based on the premise that the decision to use marijuana is yours, but only after you know scientifically defensible data about the substance. This program, Operation Impact, provides essential information and encourages dialogue between presenters and participants so that you can make the best decision for you and your family members.

Educate Yourself About Marijuana Through Operation Impact

Parent Support Groups

Counselors and Resources, Columbia Treatment CenterParenting has undergone a significant transformation during this global crisis. From schooling at home to job transitions to incessant interaction 24/7; it’s overwhelming, to say the least. You do not have to navigate this time alone. Our very own Eileen Dewey will be leading free virtual support groups for parents with students in middle-high school and college.

Get Support for the Virtual School Year

Mental Wellness Resource

Mental health has taken a significant toll. Scheduling a counseling session can be scary, especially if you’re not confident as to the state of your mental health. We created a free, interactive quiz by which you can gauge the effects of quarantine on your overall mental health.

Take the Quiz to Find Out how Quarantine has Affected You

Counseling and Therapy

We continue to provide support through telehealth (online) counseling and therapy for adults, families and adolescents. If you, your student or a loved one is going through a difficult time, call our fantastic front desk team at (410) 730-1333 or Contact Us to make an appointment.

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