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Parenting Has Taken On A Whole New Meaning

As we all have experienced unprecedented transformation during this global crisis, we understand your duties as a parent have changed dramatically. From schooling at home to job transitions to incessant interaction 24/7; it’s been overwhelming, to say the least.

We do not believe you have to navigate this time alone. Because we know the enormous responsibility placed on you as a parent during COVID-19, we want to offer you a free virtual support group for parents.

Virtual Parent Support Groups

The purpose of the groups is very intentional: Enable parents to stay healthy in their mind, body, and soul. These concepts are difficult to apprehend even despite a pandemic, which is why our group facilitator is CTC’s very own, Eileen Dewey who has 33 years of clinical social work experience with adolescents and families.

Eileen will lead the Support Groups in discussions and education surrounding:

  • Self-Care
  • Family Routines
  • Reducing Anxiety in the Face of Real-Life Concerns
  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Application and Discussion
  • Establishing a School Education Schedule (and sticking to it!)
  • Juggling Parenting While Working from Home
  • Supporting Your Children’s Mental Health
  • Food as Medicine; Keeping Immune System Strong
  • Recommended Podcasts and Reading
  • Screen Time; How to Keep Media-Use Positive and Helpful

Virtual Instructor, Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C
Program Administrator and Clinical Supervisor

Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C, Director of Columbia Treatment CenterEileen founded the Columbia Treatment Center (CTC) in 1988. She is the Director of CTC and has over 30 years of professional counseling and therapy experience.

Eileen earned her Master of Social Work from the University of Maryland and her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Shepherd College in West Virginia.  She is licensed by the Board of Social Work Examiners as a Supervisor of Candidates for Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW & LCSW-C) and by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) as an Approved Alcohol and Drug Supervisor. As a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), she is qualified to make clinical recommendations for those who are in safety-sensitive positions and have committed a work-related drug or alcohol infraction.  She has advanced training in this field, which enables her to work with this special DOT (Department of Transportation) clientele.

Eileen has served on several state and federal advisory boards and chaired the continuing education program of the Maryland Society for Clinical Social Work for eight years. She lectures and trains in many areas related to substance abuse, including serving as a field instructor for several universities and colleges. Ms. Dewey is also trained in collaborative law.


Support Groups not currently active for 2021.


The virtual Groups will be hosted on Zoom.

Upon registration, you will receive weekly invitations with the appropriate Zoom credentials. Registration closed

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    We want you to not just survive parenting throughout COVID-19 and the 2020-21 school year. We want you to thrive and make this season one marked by wellness and happiness for the entire family.