Litsa Williams, LCSW-C, Mental Health and Substance Abuse CounselorChronic pain not only takes a toll on your physical well-being, it can dramatically affect your emotional health as well.

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Pain does not have to define you. There are complimentary (works alongside your pain medication) and alternative approaches (treatment without medication) to pain management.

  • Are you becoming more reliant on your medication than you wish?
  • Do others express concern about possible misuse or abuse of your medications?
  • Do you just want to feel better?
  • Are you curious about other treatments for your pain?
  • Is your anxiety, depression, or isolation becoming too much?
  • Do family members and loved ones not understand the magnitude of your pain?
  • Are you on medications that should not be mixed with alcohol, but are struggling to quit drinking?
  • Does your physician have concerns about adverse effects, tolerance, addiction, or misuse of your pain medications?

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Our Unique Services

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C, Director of Columbia Treatment CenterOur Master’s level therapists conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine misuse risk, the potential for abuse, or dependence concerns. Protocol can help determine misuse risk that begins with a comprehensive evaluation. Recommendations are individualized for each person.

Recovery Support

We treat addiction to pain medication in a nurturing environment and teach tools of recovery. Clients attend weekly individual or group sessions. Sobriety is monitored with regular urinalysis. Get started

Complementary & Alternative Therapy

Although your pain may never entirely leave you, it is possible to reduce your pain level with the help of non-pharmaceutical approaches. We can assess your situation and recommend community providers and resources. Get started

Marijuana Education Program (Operation Impact)

With the changing landscape of today’s marijuana, accurate information is needed now more than ever. Our goal is to help participants make fact-based decisions about personal use of cannabis. Critical thinking skills can help decipher the barrage of information available to make informed decisions. Learn more about this program and sign up today.

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Work with Our Caring Professionals

Counselors and Resources, Columbia Treatment CenterThese days, we all know someone who’s dealing with chronic physical pain. If it’s you, you know first-hand that the relentlessness of body pain is exhausting and causes emotional pain as well.

At Columbia Treatment Center, we offer you support, education and treatment through individualized pain management support programs.

Among other things, we:

  • Explain the difference between the body’s physical dependence on medication and addiction
  • Help you recognize the symptoms of potential addiction
  • Reduce pain
  • Teach ways to reduce anxiety and depression that can accompany pain
  • Offer understanding so you don’t feel so alone and misunderstood

Pain Management, Columbia Treatment CenterAlthough your physical pain may not fully leave you, through pain management it’s possible to reduce your physical pain level, relieve emotional pain, improve your quality of life and broaden your focus so that physical pain, though an important element in your life, no longer defines you.

The first step is to come in for an evaluation with one of our Master’s level clinicians to look at what’s working and what isn’t in your life. He or she will make recommendations and/or referrals and help you create a comprehensive and effective healing program.

Resources for Pain Management Patients

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