Substance abuse and domestic violence never quarantined. With courts reopening, there is a surge of cases.

Columbia Treatment Center, a state-certified counseling center and licensed therapists, has helped hundreds of attorneys achieve favorable results in court for their clients. Our telehealth evaluations, substance and domestic abuse programs, and detailed reports garner excellent results in court.

Getting your client court-ready is easy:

  1. Schedule a Confidential Evaluation
  2. Sign Up for Personalized Treatment
  3. Receive a Detailed Report for the Judge
Columbia Treatment Center, Legal and Courts

“The great speakers create a safe space for the group to discuss stress around substance issues/DUIs. I learned how to make better decisions in the future.”

“I felt like the counselors were actually invested in our rehabilitation. Everything was very professional and I had a good experience.”

When you call CTC, we’ll discuss our process to help attorneys achieve favorable results in courts, as well as all resources available to your clients.

Our phone number is 410-730-1333. You can also send us an email anytime.

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