Quarantine has affected us all, especially those of us at home.

With a 1000% increase in a federal emergency’s hotline for people in emotional distress, partner violence and substance abuse are on the rise and more than half of the adults in the U.S. reported their mental health has been negatively affected.

Columbia Treatment Center and its therapists are here to support you via teletherapy during this time of suffering and uncertainty.

Getting help is easy:

  1. Schedule a Confidential & Free Consultation
  2. Receive Personalized Support
  3. Experience Hope Again

We're here for you.

Whether you need help through counseling or connection with our legal partners, or you want to ensure you’re ready for your court date, we are here for you!

When you call us, we’ll explain your support options and all available resources.

Here’s our phone number: 410-730-1333. You can also send us an email message anytime.

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