Intervention, education, and support for domestic violence and abuse

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Our intimate partner violence program, Operation Safety, is designed to help participants move forward with a relationship that is without fear. The focus is on complete accountability. Attitudes, beliefs, and emotions trigger destructive behaviors and words. Personal history often contributes to current day relationships. We will examine these dynamics, and teach new healthy techniques and skills, to stop intimate partner abuse.

  Operation Safety teaches new ways of handling stress, resolving conflicts, and improving communication.

Flexible program options include:

  1. Psycho-educational groups for those who identify as abusive (of varying durations).
  2. Support and education groups for a person who has experienced violence or abuse.
  3. Couples “refresher” course (3 hour class for skill review).
  4. Connection to legal resources and lawyers whose practices specialize in family law and domestic violence.

Why Join?

To fulfill court orders, as a condition of probation or parole, to save a relationship, and A TRUE DESIRE TO CHANGE. Call us at 410-730-1333!


Here are ways we can help someone who may identify as abusive:

Operation Safety centers around complete accountability while teaching new ways of handling stress, resolving conflicts, and improving communication. We have developed a specific psycho-educational model based on the Duluth curriculum, “Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter”. Each participant is required to read Violent No More by Michael Paymar, MPA, and exercises from this workbook as well as other researched programs.

All sessions have a flexible duration, based on each person’s situation, typically 12 to 48 sessions. Classes in English and Spanish.

Teletherapy, Columbia Treatment Center (CTC)

Join us in person or online via teletherapy. Set up a Zoom video call with us!

We can also help you with much more: