Operation Impact, DWI Education, and Clinical News

Featured News from Columbia Treatment Center,

Columbia Treatment Center Receives 3 Year License

CTC received 3 year renewal of its license to provide early intervention programs and DWI education. This license is administered by the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration through the regulatory process as governed by COMAR Title 10, Subtitle 63 Community-Based Behavioral Health Programs and Services.

Operation Impact

Operation Impact, Columbia Treatment CenterThis fall, Columbia Treatment Center is launching Operation Impact. With the changes to Maryland’s marijuana laws in mind, this program was developed to provide early intervention education for teens, adults, and families. Call 410-730-1333 for information.

Cannabis 101

Did you know that marijuana raises heart rate for up to 3 hours after smoking? Marijuana increases resting heart rate, dilates blood vessels, and makes the heart pump harder. This effect may increase the chance of heart attack. Older people and those with heart problems may be at higher risk. (www.drugabuse.gov)

The Ethics of Clinical Competence in Private Social Work Practice

On September 28th, CTC’s Director, Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C, SAP, and CAC Counselor Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C presented “The Ethics of Clinical Competence in Private Social Work Practice” at the National Association of Social Workers – Maryland Chapter Fall Clinical Conference. The Maryland Chapter of NASW is the largest professional social work association in Maryland, with over 3,500 members. CTC is pleased to offer this three hour training to clinicians from across the state of Maryland. Visit www.nasw-md.org for details.

SoberLink: The Latest in Alcohol Recovery Technology

SoberLink Technology, Columbia Treatment CenterThe team at Columbia Treatment Center is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve clients. SoberLink is a pocket-size, wireless, alcohol monitoring device that hit the market in 2011 and was approved by the FDA in 2016. Since 2011 SoberLink has provided monitoring for over 55,000 individuals who are in treatment for alcohol use disorders. The device uses facial recognition software in combination with advanced breathalyzer technology to monitor users for alcohol use, anytime, anywhere. CTC has been offering this monitoring system to clients since just following its FDA approval. The process is simple: clients work with CTC staff to obtain their Soberlink device, which is then connected to SoberLink’s cloud-based monitoring system (through Verizon’s Private Wireless Network). Client’s receive random alerts throughout the day, notifying them to breathe into their device. Facial recognition software confirms the client’s identity during each breath test and BAC results are wirelessly transmitted in real-time to Soberlink’s cloud-based recovery management software. The Soberlink System allows for custom testing schedules, as well as specific notification and automated report settings. This allows the flexibility to serve a broad range of clients. For more information, contact Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C, SAP at 410-730-1333.

CTC Offers Alcohol and Drug Education Classes in Spanish

Mondays at 10am – Call 410-730-1333 to register

According to the most recent US Census data, 5% of households in Howard County speak Spanish as the primary language in the home. Columbia Treatment Center is committed to offering the best possible substance use treatment services to the local community. With this in mind, CTC has recently added an early intervention drug and alcohol education class taught in Spanish to our weekly schedule.

“We strive for a diversity within our staff that reflects the diversity of the community we serve.”

-Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C, SAP, Columbia Treatment Center Director

Korean Delegation Honors CTC

Korean Delegation at Columbia Treatment CenterColumbia Treatment Center was honored to host the Korean Delegation for a site visit in August. This delegation identified Columbia Treatment Center as a model behavioral health care program. This delegation of thirteen guests visited the CTC office and met with staff to gain an understanding of the substance abuse programs and services offered here.

Pictured above: Korean Delegation with CTC team members, Eileen Dewey, LCSW-C, SAP and Grace Sin, one of our four bi-lingual staff.