Deadly Effects of New “Synthetic” Drugs

Synthetic marijuana

Synthetic marijuana, “bath salts” and other designer drugs are now being grouped together and termed “synthetic drugs.” These synthetic drugs are meant to mimic the effects of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and other drugs. They are some of the most destructive drugs available today. As a whole, this category of drugs is noted for its unpredictable and toxic physical effects. The drugs have been easily available in convenience stores and head shops in some states, including Maryland. Most states are now banning them.

Synthetic drugs are usually made in China, India and other Asian countries. They change ingredients to stay one step ahead of an illegal status and standard drug screens. They are often inexpensive and claim to be legal, thus enticing young people to buy them. But the consequences can be fatal. The ingredients are increasingly causing severe reactions, such as seizures, hallucinations, labored breathing, heart palpitations, extreme paranoia, infections, aggression and more. Some people experience symptoms for days, while others may suffer permanent damage.

bath saltsAlthough these drugs are synthetic, that does not mean they are not addictive; they are! A person may start using them innocently, not knowing the terrible damage and then may not be able to stop from going back to them. When addiction threatens a person’s life in this way, it takes a successful drug treatment program to guide them and their family through the recovery process.

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