Quarantined with an Angry and Abusive Family Member?

Dealing with an Angry and Abusive Family Member, Columbia Treatment Center

Being isolated at home with family and other household members can be very, very stressful. It is very scary to be in a home with an abusive family member. On top of the recent quarantine due to COVID-19, domestic violence and abuse is rising worldwide. In fact, for many homes, the violence is becoming more frequent, more severe and more dangerous. Women assaulting men is very common, too.

The risk is rising because of the confinement. When alcohol or other drugs are involved, this risk rises. There is a drastic rise in substance use during this pandemic, which is contributing considerably to these risk factors.

There are many forms of abuse:

  • Physical violence
  • Verbal assaults
  • Restriction on access to basic necessities
  • Threats
  • Not allowing the abused to be able to talk with outsiders
  • Constant surveillance… and more

Are you experiencing any of the above during the shutdown? If so, you are not alone.

What can be done?

There is help for everyone.

Columbia Treatment Center offers counseling and education for the perpetrator as well as the victim. Many people assume that a generalized anger management program is the best course of action action — this is not true. Anger Management focuses on a person’s inability to control their anger in a variety of situations. Domestic Violence counseling on the other hand is designed to work with the perpetrators of intimate abuse. We offer a variety of batterer intervention and prevention programs.

Here are the ways we can help someone who may identify as abusive: our flexible program centers around complete accountability while teaching more effective coping and communication skills. We have a specific 12 session psycho-educational group taught via Zoom (online therapy).

We can help the abused in many ways through either counseling or connection with our legal partners. We have relationships with several Maryland Attorneys that can help the victim obtain a protective order, temporary peace order, or facilitate arbitration or divorce proceedings.

Free Initial Confidential Consultation

We are here for you! Let’s talk it through. Call us and ask to schedule a Zoom call with Eileen Dewey, our director, to learn more. A brief initial confidential consultation is provided at no charge. We’ll explain your options and all available resources. Here’s our phone number: 410-730-1333. You can also send us an email message anytime.


Maryland Courts, Domestic Violence packet, Columbia Treatment CenterGet more information

Call us for a free copy of this handout, which includes great legal resources on domestic abuse, protective orders and more from the State of Maryland.

Reference link: Domestic Violence | Maryland Courts

To obtain a Peace Order or Protective Order in the State of Maryland, please view this PDF. It also has a few checklists about how it woks and frequently asked questions.